Friday, March 25, 2011

Scott's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.

Sometimes, you just feel like escaping the hubbub of city life and venturing off the beaten path to explore little hole-in-the-wall local eateries in the suburbs. These are some of my favorite places to go because they almost always guarantee quality food and a sweet sense of community. A small town feel with big town flavors. This is exactly what I found at Scott's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Bixby, OK.


Located in the heart of the town, Scott's represents the typical burger joint that is a must for any small town. It seems to be the perfect gathering spot for sport's teams after the big game, church groups on a Wednesday night and the table of aged men who gather to hash over the town gossip. It is one of those places that when you walk in and are greeted with a warm smile, you feel like you belong.

The atmosphere isn't really anything to write home about, but that's what makes diners like this what they are. While it is clean and pleasant, the focus is certainly more on the food than the decor.


They have a variety of options on the menu, including chicken sandwiches, salads, several unique sides (the corn nuggets are a favorite with my family), and my little boy's favorite - popcorn chicken. It's nice to go to a burger joint that has options other than burgers, but in my opinion, there's only one thing to get at Scott's ... and that is the Deluxe Burger Basket.

(Deluxe Burger Basket $6.00)

When I think of a good burger, I always think of a "shiny bun". If it doesn't have a dab of grease atop the bun, it's probably not going to be the burger for me. I was thrilled to see the shiny bun, an indication of a homemade, old fashioned hamburger. The smell alone screams "real, fresh meat", that you rarely ever experience at fast food places. And when you lay eyes on the generously sized burger, you can see that it was made fresh on the spot, directly off the grill, just for you. In my opinion, the only way to eat a burger.


It took about fifteen minutes to receive our order, but if that is what it takes for quality and freshness, I'm willing to wait. The crinkle cut french fries are hot and somewhat crispy and accompanied the burger excellently.


Scott's absolutely knows what they're doing in the area of hamburgers. I recommend it to anyone with a craving and wanting to escape the city for a little bit.

Scott's Hamburgers
15 West Dawes Avenue
Bixby, OK

Boom Town Bites Rating: * * * * (4/5)


  1. Awww perfection!! I love Scott's and now I'm going to have to make the trip for a burger! I am sure you saw a few Gibson's there and didn't even know! Looks like you got there at a good time there are empty tables in your pic :)

  2. ahhhhh yes!!!! I've been so IMpatiently waiting for this post! I'm so glad you liked it. Now... I must have Scott's :)

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