Thursday, March 31, 2011

Savastano's Pizzeria.

On every corner of every town sits the same old pizza place filled with mass produced pies and subpar salad bars. Boring! Very few places serve Chicago style pizza. You know, the mile high pies filled with cheese, sauce and your choice of meat. The pizza that you can only handle one piece of because of it's sheer enormity. It is unique, it is delicious and you can satisfy your little craving of Chicagoland right here in Tulsa.


Savastano's is a family owned restaurant, using family recipes that make their restaurant stand out from the rest. That, and their claim to fame with the Chicago style pizza. From my experience of Chicago and my experience of Savastano's, the two are not really one in the same, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The crust is delicious, but doesn't seem to be the traditional consistency/density of most deep dish pizzas. It seems to be more of an Oklahoma-Chicago style pizza, if there is such a thing.




The mozzerella stick appetizer that we ordered was okay, but reminded me of something frozen and from a box. But that didn't keep me from eating them.


The star of the entire evening was the salad bar. In my opinion, the best Tulsa has to offer, hands down. It is full of fresh greens and homemade dressings. Their signature dressing is a Creamy Garlic that will undoubtedly blow your mind. The Ranch has the same effect. It is absolutely amazing. The salad bar is worth the trip out to Savastano's any day. (I regret that I did not get a picture of the salad. I was too busy scarfing it.)

The atmosphere is another perk. They recently moved from a small, overcrowded room seating around fifty, to a hip two-story joint that gets you seated much quicker. Though you may be seated fairly quickly, you're still going to have to wait 40 minutes for your pie if you order a deep dish. So be prepared and order the salad bar to tide you over.


The menu is vast, full of flavorfully unique thin crust and deep dish options. They all have quirky names special to Chicago, such as "The Brookfield Zoo", "City Dump" and "Wrigley Field". The prices range from $9 - $28 a pie, depending on what size and which ingredients you choose. It can get rather expensive, especially with a $6 salad bar. But like I said, the salad bar is worth every penny.


Though I probably prefer Savastano's thin crust to their version of Chicago style deep dish, it's definitely a place that we enjoy and revisit on occasion. It is the perfect place for group gatherings, and is definitely the spot for something different.


Savastano's Pizzeria
8211 E. Regal Pl
Tulsa, OK 74133

Boom Town Bites Rating: *** (3/5)


  1. I love this place. My college boyfriend's "sister"'s family owns it. They are so nice. I completely agree that the salad bar is phenomenal. I like the thin crust pizza too.

  2. Somewhere in this same area is Barbee's Cookies. They are great!

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